Sweden sent a number of government delegations to Kurdistan

Twilight News / confirmed the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, the Swedish government will send a number of official delegations to the region soon to hold meetings to discuss the ways the face of the organization "Daash" terrorist and assistance for displaced persons and refugees as well as help in resolving internal problems in the region.

In a statement to the provincial government responded to Twilight News, that the head of the provincial government Naچrfan Barzani on Thursday received the new Swedish Ambassador to Iraq Annika Mullen Hagren diplomat and her entourage.

The statement said the Hagren expressed her happiness to visit the region, diplomatic relations between her country and the strong Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and wished the continuation of these relations.

The statement added that Hagren touched on the current situation in Iraq and the region and stressed that her country attaches great importance to the social and economic aspect and the protection of individual rights and address violence against women, octagonal steps taken by the provincial government in this regard.

And on the problems faced by the region, he reiterated the need to be resolved through dialogue and negotiations to ensure the continuation of existing security in the region and contribute to everyone in the face of terrorists organization "Daash," adding that a number of Swedish government delegations will visit the Kurdistan Region and then organize meetings more to discuss on all issues.

The statement added that Barzani for his part thanked visit Swedish Ambassador and wished them success in their mission, declaring his support for their proposals, especially concerning the development of the social aspect and further democratization of society and more efforts to eliminate violence against women.

The statement noted that Barzani also thanked aid and cooperation former Swedish government with the province of Kurdistan, which have been useful in the field of issuing laws, especially the law against violence against women and to provide assistance to large numbers of displaced people and refugees who went to the region to escape the terror.

The statement continued that discussion on the political situation in the region and securing citizens' requirements and solving problems through negotiations and the situation of the Kurdish citizens living in Sweden was another aspect of the meeting.