Maliki imposed tough conditions to reconcile with Abadi
10/15/2015 17:17

Iraqi sources confirmed that "religious supreme authority for the Shiites of Iraq Ali al-Sistani Hisham al-Moussawi tasked to end the differences between the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi and Vice President of the Republic article" Shiite "Nuri al-Maliki," noting that "al-Moussawi, upon his arrival to Baghdad, met coming from Najaf Balebadi before It moves for the meeting with al-Maliki. "

The sources pointed out that "al-Maliki put tough conditions for accepting reconciliation with Abadi, most notably overturn his dismissal from his position as deputy president of the republic and the withdrawal of the investigation, which condemned the involvement deliver Mosul and offer a public apology for accusations that Calha to file," adding that "al-Moussawi told the leaders of the Dawa Party that al-Maliki and al-Abadi Abdian not any flexibility on reconciliation and end the differences. " According to local newspaper "Okaz" Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that "initially sought to persuade the two sides issued a joint statement in which Apennan freeze their differences in preparation for the return of their relations as they were in the past."