Integrity issued memorandums of recruitment and arrest warrants against a number of Iraqi ministers and officials

10/15/2015 16:18

Announced Integrity Commission (an independent body under the control of the Iraqi Parliament), on Thursday, issuing orders to bring and the arrest of a number of ministers and government Iraqis current and former officials, also banned travel of sentenced these commands.

The authority said in a statement on Thursday, I read (Basenyoz) a copy of it, for the issuance of the introduction of the Right and Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi order, also referred to the issuance of an arrest warrant for the former Electricity Minister Abdul Kareem Aftan memoir, former Mayor of Baghdad Naim Abaob and Secretary of former Abdul-Hussein al-Murshidi, and a number of general managers in the secretariat of Baghdad, has also decided to prevent travel those sentenced to detention and recruitment orders.

The head of the Integrity Commission and the agency Hassan al-Yassiri, to "spend the Integrity Commission has decided to prevent the travel of those sentenced arrest warrants and bring in because of the recent files transmitted by the body."

In the meantime, the parliamentary finance committee, on Thursday announced, possession 86 especially the corruption of the ministries of trade and electricity file provided part of it to the Integrity Commission, and with eye to the formation of an investigative committee on the existence of suspicions of corruption in the Trade Bank of Iraq, confirmed that it is working on the corruption files in the Ministries of Health and Finance. She said a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi in a press statement that it "presented to the Commission on Public Integrity 36 corruption file belonging to the Ministry of Electricity also owns 50 file another similar related corruption issues also in the Ministry of Electricity."

The Integrity Commission announced (12 August 2015) form working groups field to investigate the files in which the quasi-corruption ministries of electricity, trade and the secretariat of Baghdad. And experiencing a number of Iraqi cities demonstrations swept the country for more than two months, demanding accountability of corrupt officials and bring them to eliminate and eradicate corruption in the various aspects of the state.