Integrity reveal: the resolution of more than 4,000 cases and issued three arrest warrants rank of minister
Date: 10/15/2015

Palm-announced Integrity Commission, on Thursday, for the resolution of the issue of more than 4,000 and the issuance of arrest warrants against the three figures rank of minister since the beginning of this year, while confirming that the body following the 9139 issue.

Committee Chairman Hassan al-Yasiri in a media statement that "the Integrity Commission has managed since the first of January and last until the fourth month of June of the current resolution of the issue of more than 4000," indicating that "the 4816 case still under investigation."

Yasiri He added that "the number of cases referred to the Court was the issue in 1923, while the total number of cases closed by the Court in 1927 issue," adding that "the issue of 473 united with other issues, a judicial decision."

He Yasiri that "the arrest warrants against the three figures rank of minister have been issued during that period," explaining that "the arrest warrants issued against special grades 14 general managers be" confirmed Yasiri "The Integrity Commission is still pursuing the issue of 9139".

The financial and administrative corruption is spreading in Iraq dramatically, as Transparency International Iraq ranked as the third most corrupt country in the world after Somalia and Sudan, but that the Iraqi government is often critical of the organization reports on corruption and considers inaccurate and based on the information reached by by local and foreign companies failed to implement service projects in Iraq.