Economist reveals the depletion of foreign currency: Importing caused placebo

10.15.2015 at 09:29 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He stressed the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, Thursday, that "import placebo" exhausted a lot of the difficult / dollar / currency in the country, stressing the need for the Audit Department to audit the foreign exchange lists import.

He said Antoine L / scales News / The "supposed to iOS on foreign exchange in the Iraqi Central Bank to monitor any dollar sold at the Central Bank," pointing out that "the lack of control selling the dollar led to the submission of some of the lists of import fake and large amounts of money."

He said economic expert that "the Audit Department on the foreign exchange should know if the dollar was sold for the purpose of import by an official efficient views, or views marred by a lot of doubts," adding that "in case of non-matching lists import must be based hold them accountable in accordance with the law. "

And between Antoine "The phenomenon has grown by exploiting some quarters the central bank action to provide cheap dollar by currency auction without strict control measures on import operations, creating a great opportunity for financial mafias remove large amounts of dollar outside Iraq," calling for the "formation of a committee with a the fight against the Interior Ministry's economic crime to reduce waste operations. "

The "parliamentary finance committee member Massoud Rostam revealed, L / scales News / earlier, for activating the plan to fill the gaps in front of the" political business "Almjmaya currency being smuggled abroad, stressing near-money laundering law legislation and vote on it."

He revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact that all "open a new file on corruption" traders "are fleeing the hard currency" dollar "abroad by buying goods at low prices," stressing "the involvement of senior officials in that case."

He said the fact that L / scales News / "The issue of a new corruption ensured Parliamentary Integrity Commission investigated a" hard currency drain "out of the country by" traders "are standing behind senior officials in the state."

And revealed to the economic and investment commission in Parliament that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives received the draft money laundering law of the Council of Ministers," asserting that "the delay in many of its own legislation and we need as soon as because it will contribute to the prevention of smuggling of currency abroad" .anthy 29 n / 10