Iraqi Integrity Commission: arrest warrant for orders of senior officials on corruption charges
OCTOBER 15, 2015

BAGHDAD Anatolia announced the chief of Iraq's integrity, Hassan al-Yassiri, Thursday, the issuance of an arrest warrant against the former of senior officials on charges of financial and administrative corruption and waste of public money orders.

Alaasrin said in a statement Anatolia received a copy of it, that investigative judges in the Integrity Commission, issued arrest warrants against a number of general managers in the secretariat of Baghdad orders, and the Ministry of Electricity.

President of the Commission pointed out that among those who were issued arrest warrants against them, the former Mayor of Baghdad, Naim al-Kaabi Abaob, and former Secretary Abdul Hussein al-Murshidi.

He added that the investigating judge also issued an order to bring the investigation (in the corruption files) against the current Minister of Electricity, Qassim al-Fahdawi, while issued an arrest warrant against former Electricity Minister Abdul Kareem Aftan Jumaili, referring to the decision of a travel ban against those who were sentenced to catch and bring in orders.

And linked to the Integrity Commission, which was established in 2004 in parliament, and have judicial powers such as the issuance of an arrest warrant, accusing orders, and has a component device of the judges in charge of the investigation of corruption and accused of files, but the body is not interested in sentencing, and only the investigating judges to transfer the accused to the competent courts.

He graduated popular protests on Fridays since about two months in the provinces of the center and south of the country to protest against the corruption in government departments and poor public services.

And announced the Integrity Commission in August / August, on the transfer of two thousand and 171 senior official, including 13 ministers and those who are Badrjtah, to misdemeanor courts, corruption, revealing that the ministers of defense, trade, electricity and former transportation, among the most wanted judicial authorities.