Economic processors

10/15/2015 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
remains the subject of Iraq's budget for 2016 has been controversial, not at the level of the legal timing, and commitment to international transparency standards, but on the level of take advantage of all the problems faced by the previous budgets, and contributed to exposing the Iraqi economy into a serious crisis and the inability of financial Kber.walhadit relationship the subject of national economic complexities will open the door to problems unresolved repercussions after, including Maitalq debt left by the former regime, including the debt with several regional countries, that Iraq is seeking to be settled in accordance with the Paris Club that brought down a lot of debt owed ​​by Iraq mechanism .. as well to clarify the nature of the economic policy relationship in Iraq with the global economies, and with the work of international organizations mechanisms joined by Iraq for decades, and being dictated to by international responsibilities, and shares interfaces with financial and political benefits
and economic.

The Iraqi economic reality collides with a range of complexities that emerged from the case security and political post-2003, including Iraq's relations with data secure this fact, as well as the commitment to programs and organizations of the United Nations, including the debt on Iraq, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, or programs to participate and support such as international and regional development funds, and the program of the UNDP ..laimkn talk about Iraq's financial obligations and its difficulties without revealing the seriousness of Maewagha Iraq of the repercussions and challenges, especially economic challenge after falling oil prices, as is the impact of these challenges in the social and service, security and banking fact, dangerous and threatening, if not nine-governmental Iraqi authorities to take the necessary steps to confront the measures, and to reduce the effects catastrophic, Maitalq including closing the financial gap, reduce overhead, and the search for realistic resources to address the deficit in the national budget .olal of the most effective of these approaches is to follow rational economic policies, and adjust banking policies to curb amplify crises, and prevent the smuggling of hard currency and control over financial corruption and administrative and cut the road to money laundering taking place unfortunately operations and the help of many civil and official banks.

The improvement of the situation of Iraq Finance through trust his regime banking will help a lot on trade and banking with Iraqi banks on the part of the movement, and moving the wheel of investment on the part of economic policy success will reflect positively on the success of the political transition programs in Iraq, and the alleviation of the problems experienced by, and will provide many opportunities for success to sustain development programs, and support for national mobilization programs and entitlements service-and armament and tactical, as well as securing a transparent clear policy on the subject of borrowing countries, or from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which means more pressure on social reality, which is already suffering from deep structural problems.