Sudan: labor law becomes effective 90 days after publication in the Official Gazette


(Independent) .. Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudanese presidency announced the endorsement of the labor law.

He said the Sudanese that the new law is a product of social dialogue and translation conscious of international labor standards and meaningful step for the treatment of legal and social gaps in the old law, pointing out that the law will become effective after 90 days from the date of publication in the Official Gazette.

He added that the new law includes all the principles endorsed by the Constitution on ensuring a decent life for workers and regulate the rights and duties of workers, and carries with it implications for social programs as well as being regulates the relationship between the worker and the employer in the private sector in terms of employment and wages, health insurance and rights, professional equality state employees hours .

And between the Sudanese that the new law focused on the principle of equal wages and minimum age factor, noting that the law contains (157) divided by (18 legal substance) a chapter concerning the (operating, vocational training, and the organization of foreigners work in accordance with international standards and appropriate national interest, and labor contracts individual and collective, working time and breathing and the protection of working women and the protection of the events at work in terms of age, fitness and health and the requirements of occupational health and safety issues and labor inspection).

He pointed out that this law is different from the previous being Includes features consistent with international conventions and recommendations, along with the basic principles that launched them such as freedom to work and to promote productive employment and respect for freedom of association and protection of the right to organize and to eliminate all forms of forced labor and exploitation of child labor.

The House of Representatives voted on labor law in 17 of the month of August. (End)