Turkey talks about a new Islamic Geography: four countries, including Iraq, to ​​be divided to 40 part

Twilight News / saw the Vice President of the Turkish government Numan Kurtulmuş that countries become more ready to split than ever, including Iraq into three parts in the region.

کortolmos said, at a meeting of clerics in the Turkish city of Ordu, said Muslim countries geography will be the biggest challenge posed to prove its existence in the future.
"The time of the Ottoman Empire, the area was almost a one part, then we saw this part turned into about 40 pieces, and today there is a tendency to break up the soil of these countries more, for example, that Iraq Iradl him to be three parts. We have Yemen into two parts. To Libya two parts as well, but I see it is that Syria is on the verge of part 32 or 42, and we have Lebanon is also facing problems. "

"There is a desire that Turkey is in this phase, Kavtaal bombings and problems in it."

He said Turkey needed to cohesion and cooperation to cope with the problems.