Abbadi emphasizes precision and realism in 2016 budget items
October 15, 2015 4 0

He assured Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, that budget lines for 2016 with precision and realism.

This came during a crisis cell held Wednesday a meeting chaired by Abbadi has been allocated to undertake a comprehensive review of the general budget law for 2016 in preparation for the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers to be held next Sunday.

The statement said that Abbadi stressed that balancing financial and detailed precision and realism takes into account revenue expected for 2016 and securing salaries and wages of civil servants and the armed forces and security, crowd and retired folk.

Abbadi noted the need to secure the amounts necessary to cover the paragraphs on welfare of all types to maintain the standard of living of the categories covered by the social welfare and the poor of the society in addition to the importance of armament to counter the customizations and peasants daash gangs.