Parliamentary Finance: oil region pay accrued for companies and the salaries of the staff and the displaced revenues

Date: 10/14/2015 19:40

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
announced a member of the parliamentary finance committee Najiba Najib, Wednesday, for the use of the Kurdish source of oil revenues from fields in payments to the oil companies and the salaries of the Peshmerga and the staff and sheltering the displaced.

She said Najib told / information / "The lack of revenue as a result of falling prices oil on global markets, impacted significantly on revenues in Iraq and Kurdistan, "pointing out that" the region is highly dependent on oil.

"She added that" imports that come from the export of oil section of which is paid as receivables for oil companies operating in the Region, and another section in the arm Peshmerga to be used to pay the salaries and equip them to face the totals Daash criminal.

"She explained Najib that" balancing the region, which relies entirely on oil go salaries to staff and sheltering displaced people, who numbered 1800 displaced people in the region, "noting that" the government should have been paid to the region of nine billion dollars until the month of September, but paid two billion and 800 million dollars only.

"It is said that Kurdistan depends on its economic resources as well as oil on the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing in Dahuk, tourism, agriculture and other things. Finished / 25 Q