Abadi Office: new salary scale implemented next month and will reduce the large differentiated

2015/10/14 15:35

Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced that the new salary scale, passed by the Council of Ministers yesterday, "will reduce the disparity salaries by far" likely "carried out in the month of November."

A spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Sabri, told all of Iraq [where], "blessings of the new salary will reduce the disparity to a large extent and the idea of it raising the entry the lower staff in the career ladder through the redistribution of the salary scale is more equitable, just and ensures reduce the disparity between State officials either in respect of allocations will be a full out and table system unites allocations between the personnel of all ministries and government institutions.

"He pointed out that" the reform package included a clause referring to a new system of salaries through which the reform of the system with respect to the salaries and nominal allocations and reduce disparities in salaries between the lower and higher up the career ladder and to reduce disparities among employees in different degrees and at the same time achieving justice in the distribution of income.

"He added that" The implementation of this item, which passed in the reforms package and got through the Prime Minister to authorize the Parliament issued yesterday's decision of Council of Ministers to amend the career ladder is guaranteed to raise the lower salaries in the career ladder and reduce the upper salary this peace and unification of allocations for state employees in various ministries, institutions and apply this decision to all ministries, institutions and the staff of the three presidencies and its subsidiary bodies and civil servants in the ministries of defense and interior.

"He added Hadithi "There reduce the large discrepancy and reasonably between the higher grades for the first, second and third and the salaries of minimum eighth, ninth and tenth grades, but remains of course can not be equal to appoint within months and those who spent 20 and 25 years of service in the job, there are considerations that Ksnoat service and certificate and belongings again." and the date of implementation of the new salary scale, said a spokesman for the prime minister's office "just because the table is allocated to the Ministry of Finance and relevant ministries completion will be applied and probably are not taken in this month, but in all cases it will be as soon as possible and perhaps in the next month or next."

He Hadithi "This decision was made ​​and will be circulated tables during the coming period to the Ministry of Finance to work out and the ministries concerned to re-establish a new system of salaries through which to achieve justice in the distribution of income among staff in the lower and upper grades."

The Council of Ministers decided on Tuesday, modify ladder employees' salaries.

He pointed out a statement to that "new peace achieves an improvement between the lower levels of the upper grades and the reduction of differences of about 6.8 times, as in the peace force to 5.3 times in the proposed peace and a greater degree of justice."

The Council also decided "inclusion of all state employees, including the three presidencies, bodies and associated institutions and civil servants in the ministries of defense and interior law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008 rate" .anthy 2 employees