Parliamentary Finance reveal Iraq Federal Reserve: $ 59 billion and 90 tons golden

Special scales News - He revealed the decision parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmed flesh, Wednesday, for the existing Iraqi state treasury federal reserve money, noting that it is of the approximately $ 59 billion, and that the gold reserves of 90 tons.

Said Hama's / scales News / he "According to the latest confirmed sources said federal funds reserve in the state treasury of approximately 59 billion dollars distributed to banks and banks, government, and that government treasury gold reserves of 90 tons," he said, adding that "that money can not manipulated firing except in rare cases of necessity".

He said the parliamentary Finance Committee decision that "the money from the reserve is used from time to time to buy US Treasury bonds", ruling that "the discipline or the money spent on investment projects or expenditure in the current time."

The "Legal Committee member of the parliamentary honest frankincense confirmed, L / Moisnin News / that" development "DFI" Fund includes all of Iraq's funds Foreign funds petroleum, "explaining that" the responsible for it is the Ministry of Finance and notices deposit funds up to the central central bank "he said, adding," The development of financial and budget funds are among the Development Fund is subject to government control and strong integrity and he was "under the microscope".

It is said that "Iraq's budget for 2015 suffers from a large deficit led to a situation of austerity", while the announced "a number of members of the parliamentary finance committee that next year's budget in 2016 will suffer from large fiscal deficit also in light of lower oil prices and the adoption of the government it as a sole source of income ".anthy / 29 / d 24

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