World Bank gives Iraq a loan of 350 million dollars

Direct said Abdul Baset Trki- head of the liberated areas Fund, the Fund is expected from the World Bank loan of $ 350 million; 7 for the reconstruction of affected areas in the two provinces. He stressed, "Turki" the need to work and move for all parties to the goal of life of the areas touched by the hand of terrorism, according to the Agency for the Iraqi Media News "conscious" - useful that the Fund discussed the basic and sensitive issues for the areas affected by the terrorist attacks, has been discussing the total overall damage and the details of the areas and the need to reconstruction, in order to confirm the holding of an international conference to support the reconstruction of Iraq. "The Turkish" to continuously update the data in the Fund and communication with the local administrations and sub-units in the provinces that were vandalized, and that Iraq is going through a financial crisis and is waiting to participate in the loan from the World Bank.