New details of a loan for Iraq seven billion dollars to meet the 2016 budget deficit

Finance Committee in the House of Representatives said on Monday that Iraq Siqtrd by 6-7 billion US to cover the deficit in the budget of 2016. The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari search, on Sunday, with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Financial Affairs, Finance and International Development Lisa Kubiski Iraqi government's efforts to bridge the fiscal deficit. And he confirmed member of the Finance Committee pros Hamadoun in a press statement, that "the Commission is trying with all its effort to reduce the shortfall in the budget," indicating that "the Commission put borrowing in their accounts despite the reservations and the growing rejection of her being weighs indebted the country." Hamadoun he pointed out that "the disbursement of the budget in 2015 has so far amounted to 44 trillion dinars after the government succeeded in reducing the exchange value of the non-essential needs," likely "exchange half of this amount in the coming months.