Parliamentary Finance: 2016 budget amendment requires agreement with the government to cross the difficulties

Said the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, Tuesday, on the non-arrival of 2016 budget to the House of Representatives, and be up and are starting amendment it will be by agreement and understanding with the central government until the parliament does not face more difficulties, noting that the budget contains a number of substances that affect the financial matters of the country. He said Mohammed's / scales News / "The budget of 2016 did not reach far into the House of Representatives and the right of Parliament amendment them after discussion," stressing that "We have to make amendments to the budget, through an agreement with the government on the material to be edited out so as not to Parliament is facing difficulties. " He said a member of the parliamentary finance committee that he "has been building the budget on the price of a barrel of oil to $ 45 and there are expectations of higher oil prices and so can the parliament of the amendment to the new budget," noting that "the budget contains a number of reforms that affect the financial matters, including the management of the country and this What is happening through understanding with the government on any amendments thereto on the budget. "

The "parliamentary finance committee member Massoud Rostam likely, earlier, returned the next financial budget for 2016 to the Ministry of Finance to review some of the paragraphs."
The "Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Ibrahim revealed Bahr al-Ulum, on Monday, on the status of the determinants to address the problem of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil in the 2016 budget law," adding that it "will be required both parties to adhere to production and export according to the guidelines are subject to the standards satisfactory to the center and the region."

The "member of the Kurdistan Alliance Arafat generosity revealed to / scales News /, earlier, about the existence of three solutions to resolve the crisis with the federal government on the oil agreement is to re-talks" serious "again the previous agreement, which took place in Arbil The second solution lies go Towards a new oil deal in accordance with the new items to determine what is an existing data from current and satisfactory to all parties. "

It is worth mentioning that the "decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Haji confirmed, earlier, that the federal budget for 2016 dedicated to the payment of all employees' salaries without any projects for investment," noting that "the budget amounted to 113 trillion dinars allocated including 83 trillion operating budget."