Industrial strategy to convert a number of private sector industries

Baghdad scales News

It discussed the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Tuesday, steps to start implementation of industrial strategy in Iraq until 2030, which aims to convert a number of industries to the private sector.
According to a statement of the ministry received / scales News / copy of which was that the ministry "discussed the steps start of the industrial strategy in Iraq's implementation until 2030, prepared by a specialized work by the ministry and the private sector with the support of the advisers team, in addition to the technical reference from the United Nations Development experts Industrial / UNIDO / United States Agency for International Development was approved in June of last year. "

He noted that "this strategy started hands that Iraqi and look realistic is part of a broader reform process in Iraq, is concerned with the organization of the performance of the industrial system in all its aspects to include the industrial sector and the business environment and the system of governance and focus on the development of the Iraqi economy on a promising path for development up to 2030".

He added that the strategy "consists of seven chapters and three stages of the first short-term for the period stretching from 2014 until 2017 and the medium term from 2017 until 2022 and long-term for the period from 2022 to 2030."

The statement said that "each of these stages include a set of paragraphs and procedures that should be on the industrial sector management adopted and implemented with a view to the advancement of the Iraqi industry all public sectors, private and mixed, and through the use of international expertise, especially since the government sector owns nearly 73 industrial company in the sector is made up Combination of 23 industrial companies, as well as thousands of factories and small and medium enterprises owned by the private sector. " He said the "State is seeking to focus under this strategy to keep some basic industries Kalsnaat petrochemical, automobile, iron and steel industry and aluminum, while the switch Other Industries management to the private sector, food, pharmaceutical and textile Kalsnaat and electrical and other" .