Jubouri: Parliament legislation laws intended to serve industrial companies self-financing

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said on Tuesday that the House legislation laws intended to serve industrial companies self-financing.

A correspondent agency all of Iraq [where] that "the President of the House of Representatives opened the day with a number of officials at the parliament building handmade carpets of the Public Company National Carpet of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals production gallery, which contains the most prominent Alvlchorah and Baghdadi fees.

The Jubouri during a speech that we look to the national industry creativity, calling the executive to the attention of the industry. He said that we in the House of Representatives our part, we will find legislation serves industrial companies self-financing and operation encouragement should be encouraged through Iqbal citizen to purchase and we are going through tough times because of the budget, calling on all to stand together for the advancement of the industry, adding that he "can make the national industry tributary as well as urged the executive bodies to look for non-oil resources to cope with economic crises.

He Jubouri that we looked at the hands of the competent parliamentary committees that our return on the proposals are in strengthening the role of the national industry." . At the end of his speech, Chairman of the company's National Carpet House Park, he is saying "It's meritorious and attention" .