Parliamentary Integrity describes Iraq's efforts to recover the fugitives outside the country as "very timid"
Date: 10/13/2015 09:20

Described the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Tuesday, Iraq's efforts in the recovery of persons sentenced to death outside of the country very Balkhjulh, noting that it Atertqa to a level that Iraq threatened with state terrorism and trying to get rid of his evil.

The committee member said the fact that Mohammed told / information /, that "the Iraqi government to activate all international agreements in order to retrieve the accused and convicted of terrorism issues, according to memorandums issued against them by the Iraqi judiciary."
He added that "we learned first hand the progress of the process of how to retrieve all of the governed through the Interpol show that Iraq among Arab states all its efforts in this area are very shy are not up to the level of threat from terrorism and the state is trying to get rid of it."
The judiciary had announced earlier in the issuance of verdicts retrieves the number of convicts corruption and terrorism issues of the fugitives outside Albulad.anthy / 25 u