Allawi calls for the convening of a national conference to adopt a roadmap for reform


(Independent) ... National coalition leader Iyad Allawi suggested the convening of a national conference in the proper place and the Secretary and prepare a table to him, extending over two or three days, for the adoption of a road map to be a handy tool to get out "of the abyss where we are," which requires "the participation of everyone, and consultation with all partners and involve them in key decisions. "

He called in a letter to political leaders in Iraq, on Tuesday, that includes a representative or two from each of the fundamental forces that participated in the previous regime change and worked to start the political process of the proposed conference, in addition to the popular movement and public demands rights, as well as some of the forces representatives Political which are outside the political process, that gets agree to these forces and personalities important presence, to ensure the comprehensiveness of this meeting.

He noted that the convening of this meeting / conference will be sponsored by the President and the presence and participation of the Prime Minister and the President of the House of Representatives and the President of the Kurdistan region to gain access to the discussions Mdyatea required and agree on a road map. And to be representative of the secretary-general of the United Nations present at this meeting.

He has to be that this national effort is associated with another effort complement his adopted Iraq and centered on achieving a regional conference of the Arab countries except the Syrian government (until solve the problem in Syria) Islamic Republic of Iran, the Turkish Republic, to discuss regional security and supports the stability of Iraq and the region, similar to the conference Sharm Sheikh initiated by the Government of Iraq to him in 2004.

He said Allawi in his message that Iraq is going through a very serious situation of characterized by bloody violence and chaos, total on foreign credit, and declining government's performance, and the spread of terrorism and control over many areas of Iraq, and the spread of kidnapping and abuse gangs, is supposed to deal with these things in the spirit of high responsibility and cooperation and consultation including hurt and solidarity result in the provision of decent and services to our honorable and uphold the people and consolidate its unity and achieve well-being and maintain the prestige of the Iraq security.

He also noted that initially the reform of the political process paths itself must be correct cross them out of a climate of political sectarianism and marginalization and exclusion quotas, and to be objective and clear in a state of civil true citizenship rising on justice, equality and the rule of law and building capable professional institutions to provide security, supplies and services and to stop the security implications and packing energies, to achieve political and military victory over terrorism as well as the elimination of all forms of extremism in our country to be the basis for Iraq's stability at the national, regional and global level. (end)