The benefit supports the non-issuance of international bonds 10/13
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Thread: The benefit supports the non-issuance of international bonds 10/13

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    The benefit supports the non-issuance of international bonds 10/13

    The benefit supports the non-issuance of international bonds
    By: wab1
    Date: Tuesday, 13-10-15 01:03 am

    Baghdad: Baghdad news
    Supported the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance's decision not to issue

    International bonds, indicating that they have alternatives such as borrowing or from States and other agencies "less harmful" on Iraq, while the invited Member of the parliamentary Finance Commission to resort to borrowing and activating the private sector and industrial and agricultural activities to revive the local economy. "

    The Finance Ministry official, Fazil Nabi, said media monitored (range), that "Iraq had halted plans to issue international bonds because the return will pay will be very high," Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, was ordered to stop because the interest rate would be high. "
    Foreign media had confirmed Iraq's intention to collect nearly two billion dollars from the initial version were denominated in u.s. currency, part of a series of releases of up to six billion dollars, indicating that investors demanded royalties "too high" and it will bring a heavy financial burden on Iraq. "

    He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, economic adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, told the (term), "the Finance Ministry is concerned with international bonds as financial chart and know the ability of Iraq to affordability", expressing "support the decision of the Minister of finance to stop issuing international bonds.
    Saleh promised that "precautionary step taken by the Ministry of finance just put the worst-case plans, stating that it" constitutes a test of the market, and successful experience to learn alternatives to global lenders and interest. "

    He said the Economic Adviser to the President of the Government, "the Ministry of finance owns several alternatives including borrowing or lending institutions of other States, or the Japanese lending agency, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, being less harmful to Iraq."
    In turn welcomed the parliamentary Finance Commission, the Ministry of Finance's decision, rejecting foreign borrowing.
    Majida Al-Tamimi said in an interview with the (term), "balancing the current 2015 included an item on the borrowing of about six billion dollars to cover the fiscal deficit", noting that "States which wanted the Finance Ministry to borrow was detailed knowledge of how bad the economic reality of Iraq, suffering from corruption."

    Tamimi, revealed "surprise officials of those States of Iraq resorted to borrowing, despite the large revenues from oil, and the size of the corruption and waste of public money, which damaged the country's reputation in global forums, and forced to borrow, what weakened the position of negotiator.

    Member of the Finance Committee said, that those "offered to lend Iraq $ 1 billion only in very large interest of 11.5 percent," refusing to borrow Iraq from around the world, and need only available financial resources with good investment. "

    She wondered if Tamimi, didn't know what to do with our money, how to maintain and improve investment loans, "likely" infiltrates the loan money into the pockets of corrupt if the current system of corruption. "
    Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, promised that "the best solution to reduce current economic crisis lies with the borrowing of funds from existing banks, citizens and urged survivors to deposit their money in banks to benefit from the Government in Exchange for their bonds, as did Egypt.

    Tamimi called for the need to "activate the private sector and the industrial and agricultural sectors, and take advantage of the loans granted by the Central Bank of Iraq, for the development of the local economy."

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