Speech of the President of the Central Bank at a meeting of heads of central banks in the Middle East

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21 Persian date Mehr 1394 (13 October 2015, Persian Calendar Link)

Public Relations Department of the Central Bank, the text of his speech is as follows:

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of, I thank you for hosting this meeting. In addition, Mr. Masood Ahmed, providing excellent arrangements for the meeting and write the agenda, before the appreciated.

The opportunity to count up the general picture of the economy at this point in my presentation, then I will deal with some of the agenda.

The recent agreement between Iran and the P5 + 1 important global and regional effects will follow. International sanctions, Iran will be allowed to resume oil exports, attract foreign capital and to other countries in all economic domains to communicate. On the prospect of sanctions relief, optimism and enthusiasm for space among economic actors, including Iran's trade partners and foreign investors, has created.It is clear that changes in the international environment, this gives us the opportunity to make economic reforms that were begun long ago and in a difficult environment accelerated more quickly follow.As some of you are present at the meeting, Iran has long been the face of difficult economic conditions. However, faced with these conditions, our economy is very flexible and entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome difficulties and adapt to changing conditions and the uncertain inventive and creative.

Since the election of Mr. doctor spiritual government to come to power as president vigorous efforts to stabilize the economy through monetary and fiscal policies has begun Hsabshdh. These efforts lead to positive economic growth in 2014 and inflation of over 40 percent in 2013 to less than 15% in 2015 was. Foreign exchange market has been stable and progress has been made ​​in the reform of energy subsidies.Although economic growth in 2015 has decreased, but in 2016 we expect the economy to return to growth and the increasing growth of about 5 percent, mainly due to increased crude oil production in the first stage and is expected to be around 2 million barrels per Day will be constructed. It should be noted that at present to accurately assess the long-term effects of international sanctions on the Iranian economy is very difficult to fix. However, we expect relatively good performance in different parts of the witnesses. However, any possible effects of removal of sanctions on the level of inflation, changes in exchange rates and budget conscious we observe.

Government to reforms in many sectors of the economy and the full knowledge of these actions will be based on the efforts so far to carry out a comprehensive reform of the financial sector, foreign exchange system, energy subsidies, monetary policy framework and the overall business environment has been. This reform should ultimately lead to the improvement of productivity and efficiency in the economy and increase job opportunities for job seekers is growing. Of course we are interested in the experience of international experts from the International Monetary Fund to carry out the reforms in different sectors use.

Allow me dear what is the role of the Fund in global economic growth in the world do.I fully agree with the importance of the issue, but I believe these policies and economic reforms should be designed and implemented in a way that contributes to improving the lives of all classes of people.We believe that equal opportunities for all through a system of education, training, job creation, health, infrastructure and equal opportunity for access to government services provided, of great importance.

These opportunities are needed in different areas, for all genders and income levels are equal.

However, the results will depend on various factors such as market failures that need through tax policies, government spending and monetary policies and capital market reform.
Notes in Iran, access to education and health network is free for everyone and a large portion of government spending to create the necessary infrastructure and essential service to underserved areas served.

In addition, Iran has a wide network of social security in yourself that includes a foundation called charitable institutions.
These institutions are groups of people who do not have a standard of living adequate to provide services and support them. Despite this background, we are prepared to fund the experts about the steps that need to be removed for further economic growth Gadgets our program. Thanks.