Barzani intends to resign, dissolve the government of Kurdistan and work on the triple combination

Twilight News / planned to head the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, his solution consisting of several political parties, after winning the split between the Democratic Party and the Movement for Change after the recent protest movement.

According to information obtained by Twilight News, the Kurdistan Democratic Party would submit a proposal Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Islamic Union to form a government composed mainly of these parties.

According to information leaked by close to the Democratic Party of Twilight News sources, the Democratic rejects strongly the participation of the MDC in any political action has a link in the government, and that after confirmation of involvement movement of recent protests which led to the deaths of five people and the burning of the headquarters of a partisan.

The sources said the Democratic Party is interactive and showed significantly for the participation of the Islamic community in the new government, and that their participation will depend on the acceptance of this combination.

The sources added that in the event it was agreed that this project, the current President of the Government Nechirvan Barzani issued a decision to dissolve the government and resign, that Massoud Barzani re-assigned to form a new government.

It meets political parties in Kurdistan in Irbil and Sulaymaniyah to find a solution prevents the aggravation of the internal situation more.

Barzani told yesterday four ministers from the government belong to the MDC's decision relieved of office formally, and the hours after the decision of the security authorities in Irbil prevent the entry of the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Yusuf and Vice change the city.