Faleh Sari: Kurdistan owes 36 billion dollars dues border
OCTOBER 13, 2015 2 0

Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh Sari that Iraq today suffers from lack of revenue into state coffers, especially taxes and border customs.

Sari said in a press release with "economy" newsletter that the budget law ensures important clause regarding taxes (tax code) which was implemented in the country's southern ports and not applied in Kurdistan. "

He said force should not send tax revenues from these ports contributes significantly to weaken revenue ", criticizing the Ministry of finance to deal with the selective fold ports and ports in the South and the recovery of the territory's ports"

Indicating "he was discussing the matter with the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari during the Finance Committee meeting last week, the Minister may give time us one week to address this dilemma,

In case of non-payment we will host "

Explaining that there is big money in the territory of mnazeha edema is estimated at about 36 billion dollars in outstanding Government of Kurdistan to Baghdad. "