Mahmood: time set for Pres & Court members near completion allow new judges 10/12
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Thread: Mahmood: time set for Pres & Court members near completion allow new judges 10/12

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    Mahmood: time set for Pres & Court members near completion allow new judges 10/12

    Mahmood: time set for the President and members of the Court is nearing completion to allow new people to take over

    12-10-2015 05:00 PM

    President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, said on Monday that the time set for the President and members of the Federal Court is nearing completion, as explained to determine the 12-year time limit in the new law of the Court, stressed that the work to Aaakhlua from political corners.

    He said al-Mahmoud during presided over the work of a seminar hosted by the two rivers Center for Strategic Studies in cooperation with the Federal judiciary to discuss the paper of the judicial development, and was attended by a number of judges, officials and elite Iraqi and competencies, 'we started to rewrite the Federal Supreme Court Act and Tojsna that its members and its president must change, passage of a certain period until renewed ideas, provided that does not break from its background, because this court formed for the first time in the history of Iraq and would consider the constitutionality of the legislation and the actions of the legislative and executive branches'.

    Mahmood And that 'time fixed for the chairman and members of the court was a life like other constitutional courts, as in the United States, for example.'

    He added: "We chose the new law to reduce duration and reached a ceiling of 12 years, which is nearing the end for our court, even give way to new ideas and new people to take over and we left the issue of choice '.

    He pointed out that 'It is true that the work of the court that he is not free from political corners, but you should not stray from the Judicial Conduct'.

    Mahmood and noted that 'the views says should be the selection of members and the president of the court of the legislature, and the other believes that the choice to be the task of the executive branch. "

    But he pointed out that 'the judicial opinion and do not even get into the maze of quotas and others, is that the subject should remain a judicial deliberation with the legislative and executive branches, and so was the bill which we hope will begin soon'.

    Mahmood said he 'did not remain in front of a court specialized claims integrity in Baghdad achieve only 151 binders investigative, but in the competent integrity felonies in Baghdad, one of the provinces where the intensity of breaking the law and processes of corruption, was left only 51 issue only, and that figure from an earlier book over the month '.

    He said 'we have not only sentencing, we organized recover files, Mr Chief Prosecutor of more than 1,000 systems to retrieve and send the file in collaboration with the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to Interpol'.

    He said, 'Integrity Commission has 2,000 employees and 200 investigator and mission reveal cases of corruption judge can not go out to the departments and asked to look at the contracts during which, these bodies floodlights task'.

    He said that 'the central court of inquiry into these specialized suits settled the issue while 22 261 4333 Central Criminal completed during this year, with the assumption that the rate of 3 per case accused'.

    Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud pointed out that the
    'sum of the achievements of the courts of cases involving detainees amounted to 110 094 suit during eight months of this year'.

    He added 'were punished over the past three years, 107 judges Baquba, perhaps warning for professional misconduct or behavioral, and Ogosaina of judges eight exclusion was only after a fair trial created all avenues of defense and Hakmohm 3 senior judges and in front of them a public prosecutor and then appeal the decisions discriminatory and ratified discrimination then We wrote to the Presidency of the Republic to issue decrees and did not transfer any Nza name '.

    He said, 'most of them in the yard of the sit-ins took banners will not mention names but these things do not fit with the judicial behavior from which we derive our strength', adding that 'we recognize the imbalance is not a shame, but we stood and we faced any defect in our associates'.

    He also explained 'We asked the Heads of Appeal that meet elite of the demonstrators, in order to say what they have for the judiciary, and I have the records, 90% of which particular problems except for activating the role of the public prosecutor. "

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