Dhafer al-Ani: Do not change the income of our Prime Minister and Msolth internal disagreement!

Insists MP for the coalition (united) Dhafer al-Ani that there are movements carried out by the forces and parties to a political deal with the future head of
the current government Haider Abadi, without entering into details but declared that his coalition is not part of it will not be the way involving conclusive on the owners of those moves contact or meeting with his coalition who chaired by the Deputy President of the Republic article Osama Najafi, while the MP for the coalition of state law on gesture Morshedi admitted the existence of such moves and said it was taking place within the Islamic Dawa Party and aims to dismiss Abadi from the prime minister on the back of recent comments in which al-Maliki described as (commander necessary).

A media source in Baghdad informed parliamentary sources that the coalition of state law, which became active in political and parliamentary circles recently in isolation from the National Alliance no longer hide his displeasure with the performance of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and procedures reformist recent escalated anger when (affect) the leader of the coalition, calling b (Commander necessary), triggering an uproar has yet to wane despite a statement from the prime minister's office said that the intended description is former president Saddam Hussein, not al-Maliki, while confirming the MP for the coalition of state law high Nassif said Abadi inadvertently Maliki Commander necessary, disregard it and said the statement Exile came to narrow the differences between the two is nothing but.