The central bank loans to invest in important projects

The central bank loans to invest in important projects

Confirmed the Ministry of Finance that the absolute loans from the central bank will be spent controls and mechanisms touched citizens through the implementation of important projects, at a time where he unveiled a government source in the adoption of new salary scale of justice and equality among employees.

Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance Maher al-Bayati said »Sabah»: The loans launched by the Central Bank of Iraq amounting to (5+ 1) trillion dinars, the bank and the finance ministry's keenness to establish controls and specific mechanisms granted through which the beneficiaries as well as the development of controlled by mechanisms to ensure that touches the citizen on the land Allowaqa.oadav The loans mentioned funds will be directed to the industrial, agricultural and real estate sectors, in addition to that part of it will be directed to the Housing Fund, stressing the need for the establishment of projects within the mentioned sectors which will contribute to the provision of employment opportunities as well as rotate the economic wheel in Albulad.obin al-Bayati said the Ministry Finance keen to keep pace with government reforms and monitor irregularities that may get in their constituencies, as well as tightening the work of the supervisory committees of the Office of the Inspector Am.aly so, a government source in a statement »Sabah» that the committee formed to amend the blessings of the private staff of the new salary revealed continuing its meetings the state, adopted in its mechanisms standards to ensure justice and equality among employees, and should not affect their performance within all other executive agencies, stressing that the new peace that will be submitted to the Council of Ministers, participated by providing new revenue for the state budget for next year will contribute to closing the part of the fiscal deficit in. and went onto say that the budget next year, prepared on the basis of realistic because of the crisis taking place in the oil countries through the decline in world oil prices, which include Iraq, as it has been prepared on the basis of a strategy to increase non-oil revenues through multiple sources of income as well as the reduction of government spending in order to reduce the shortfall in the budget.

Promised Source challenges facing the government, large and from different economic and political aspects, but it had prepared a strategy and within the government program to overcome these challenges and in accordance with the full framework for Aslah.uan evaluate the performance of ministers and governors, explained that the criteria and mechanisms Calendar issued by the advisers and experts in the office of Dr. Haider Abadi, the prime minister and operate a two-pronged, first evaluate the performance of Ministers, as it has been put points and grades to evaluate their performance during the year, which noted that it came at the request of the House of Representatives, pointing out that the calendar mentioned form filled in by the Integrity Commission and financial control and the offices of inspectors general , as they are collecting this data to be displayed on the prime minister, revealing that the coming period will witness the raising calendar minister forms.

The source added that the second part private, is to evaluate the performance of managers and owners of special grades, and is done through the relevant minister calendar and the Office of the Inspector General, revealing for the past few days have seen who are exempt 123 degrees own or managers because of financial and administrative corruption or incompetence, stressing that the work of these committees for the application of a continuous series of government reforms within all state institutions.