​Deputy: Abadi's remarks on the Treasury inaccurate 10/12/2015
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Thread: ​Deputy: Abadi's remarks on the Treasury inaccurate 10/12/2015

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    ​Deputy: Abadi's remarks on the Treasury inaccurate 10/12/2015

    ​Deputy: Abadi's remarks on the Treasury inaccurate
    Iraq News Network - Agencies - Described the MP for the coalition of state law Emotions grace, Sunday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's remarks which stated that he recognizes the state treasury and the three billion dollars as "inaccurate", calling on al-Abadi to show the "objectivity and impartiality" and to deal with this issue away from the "dictations".

    She said grace in a statement, "The previous government's current government handed over the state treasury and the nine billion three hundred million dollars, with oil contracts for large amounts, and oil prices were relatively high," indicating that "the current government took over 76 dollars billion and 58 trillion dinars to the Iraqi Central Bank reserves large sums in banks, Rafidain and Rasheed and Trade which is tens of billions of dollars."

    She said a blessing, that "the reserve now dropped from 83 or $ 76 billion to an estimated $ Balkhmsanat billions," indicating that "the total amount of the budget at the time of the former prime minister is not up to 600 billion, not as it is said that the total thousand billion dollars."

    She explained, that "the total amount of $ 600 or more than a little or decreased a little goes from seventeen percent of the Kurds and five percent of Kuwait and the maturity of the oil companies and other debt, and the rest is distributed to operating expenses, which were eighty percent was reduced to sixty-five percent almost in recent years in favor of expenditure investment, "noting that" the size of the investment budget is limited."

    Blessing, "Accordingly, we believe that Mr. Abadi's statements in this regard were not accurate, and we hope to deal with this issue objectively and impartially away from any influences or dictates."

    The prime minister Haider al-Abadi stressed on Saturday (3 October 2015), not to return nor stopped despite reforms "losing a lot" of friends because of it, while stressing that it will cause the loss of accountability of wealth in previous governments.

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