It opens the second oil pumping station project PS2 in Muthanna

Oil Ministry opened a second pumping station PS2 project in the province of Muthanna to provide north of Samawah stations and station Musayyib power stations and electricity Jerusalem and the good things of crude oil.
Said Undersecretary older Fayyad good grace in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "This project is developed and complex engineering works was the Southern Oil Company hired national experiences Iraqi special for our companies, including Baghdad, the company has three years of this work took almost , and she was able to Iraqi cadres to carry out this remarkable achievement. " He explained that "the second pumping station will be equipped north of Samawah stations and private Musayyib power station and stations Jerusalem Electricity and good deeds of crude oil, it will also be available oil refineries Kalldorh, Najaf and Diwaniyah, Samawah permanently and stable crude oil needed to run them, or for refining and provide oil derivatives, noting that the ministry is continuing the great their cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity for the processing of generating electric power stations with fuel.
Grace and added that "the project will open up great prospects for the national government for our companies, including the South Oil Company and oil projects, which is about to complete the rehabilitation work of the third pumping station in the province of Najaf PS3 is hoped to open the coming days.
For his part, Director General of the Southern Oil Company Hayan Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Zahra that the second pumping station in Al-Muthanna province is one of the major stations that enhance the pumping of crude oil to the north, as well as strengthen the network of gas to power plants equipped with pressure.
He said after the completion of the rehabilitation of these Alturbinatin the two pumps can now be pumping more than 400 000 barrels per day to the north to feed the refineries located along the strategic line Kmsafy Najaf, Muthanna, circulation and other small refineries on its extension, as well as processing power plants, some of which depends on the gas material in electric power generation.
The second pumping station had been subjected to acts of theft and vandalism in 1991, almost entirely, to the station after the site being located in a remote desert area.
The Southern Oil Company signed four contracts with Baghdad company-owned gas turbine, one for the rehabilitation of two units Turbinatin and the second for the rehabilitation of four units for pressing the gas and others to modernize the control system fully and update the monitoring system for valves and other accessories as well as other construction at the station ".