Conference of the President of the Integrity Commission in Krla without detection of serious corruption files

The head of the Integrity Commission and the agency Hassan al-Yassiri, on Monday, continuing the prosecution of corrupt body, without disclosing corruption "serious and significant" files as was expected. The Yasiri during the festive week, the National Integrity was held this morning in the city of Karbala, "The Integrity Commission proceeding to prosecute corrupt wherever they are and it will remain independent," stressing that "the body does not allow any interference from any party." He said that "the COI past to prosecute and accounting and detect corrupt wherever they are and under any cover away from the orientations of all parties, "noting that" the presence of many of those who profaned public money will not be one Boutriguena of any party stands. "He stressed Yasiri that the Integrity Commission" working professionally in total impartiality and in line directly with items Constitution, "denying that" to be body supportive of any political party and is working a single space toward all. "It was the beginning of the source, it was revealed yesterday that the head of the Integrity Commission [agency] Hassan al-Yassiri plans on Monday [today] revealed the largest and most dangerous files of corruption in the ministries of electricity and Trade and the secretariat of Baghdad, as promised earlier.
"The representative of the reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai student in a sermon last Friday," the Integrity Commission that the Ataatokhr long detects senior defendants file corruption and forwarded to the judiciary, and the judiciary to be strong and not Adahn not favors one is not subject to any pressure from any party, whatever the ".