Hassani spark Ozmh..walkazemi enters Almkhabrat..oganabi leaves cohabitation"?! 10/12
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Thread: Hassani spark Ozmh..walkazemi enters Almkhabrat..oganabi leaves cohabitation"?! 10/12

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    Hassani spark Ozmh..walkazemi enters Almkhabrat..oganabi leaves cohabitation"?! 10/12

    Hassani spark Ozmh..walkazemi enters Almkhabrat..oganabi leaves "cohabitation"?!

    Political sources revealed on Monday, there are large differences within the Union forces because of Hassani's nomination for the post of Director General of the National Intelligence Service, adding that these differences was through the exchange of text messages over "Alwatsab" between al-Jubouri and Najafi and al-Mutlaq.

    The sources said that occupy senior positions L / scales News / that "there are differences ridden union powers over the nomination of al-Hassani for the leadership of the intelligence service, especially as the post is the share of" year ", indicating that" Parliament Speaker Salim al-endorsed "choose" al-Hassani to fill the position which led to an interception, "sacked" from officio Vice President Osama Najafi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq. " The sources confirmed that condition not to be named "the existence of reliable information confirming near an order exempting agent head of the National Intelligence Service team Zuhair Gharbaoui from office and the appointment of journalist Mustafa Kazemi director of the operating rooms in the machine," adding that "the team certified Mohsen Silverline al-Janabi, pulled out of the marathon administration the National Intelligence Service after spending "to experience" inside the device for a period of three months and returned to London."

    The "Hassani was born in Kirkuk, was filled head of the Iraqi National Assembly in 2005, he joined the State of Law coalition led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to ensure his candidacy for the parliamentary elections in 2010, which won by a vote of other parliamentary seat," to be officially appointed spokesman for the state law, which represents the largest political blocs in the National Alliance, "then returned and / split a name for Afla / law and joined the coalition are united under the leadership of former parliament speaker Osama Najafi to run in the parliamentary elections of 2014, miserably failed to achieve enough votes to win a parliamentary seat after he received a few hundred votes did not qualify him to win any seat."

    This "is a certified Janabi, an Iraqi officer graduate of the Academy Cranwell property in Britain were opponents of the former regime, and recognizes the position of supervisor of the Ministry of Military Industrialization in 2003, and an adviser to the National Security and Defense in the General Jay Karner, and his predecessor, Ambassador Paul Bremer, a specialist counter-terrorism, and nominated by the Iraqi List in 2010 for the position of head of the intelligence service independent and professional and has a for being a record Musharraf seeks to implement a comprehensive national security theory that sponsor political security and economic health and nutrition, social, intellectual and even water security, security, and income advanced courses and postgraduate courses leaders in the science of intelligence and preparing to build the intelligence service and national restores Iraqi sovereignty, prestige and income advanced courses in intelligence work and therefore is to activate the intelligence service and providing it Bmokhtchin".

    And The "team Zuhair Gharbaoui currently presidency of the intelligence service and he was one of the Iraqi air force officer was born in 1950 from the city of Nasiriyah, graduated from the College of the Air Force in the seventies of the last century, and was Gharbaoui prison at the beginning of the eighties of the last century, before the end of the Iraq war - Iran provided from Iraq, accompanied by General Mohammed Shahwani, who participated at the time of trying to overthrow the buried Saddam Hussein, who was executed Baldeh, then he returned to Iraq in 2003 to form the current intelligence service in 2004, which was Shahwani's first president, and then his successor job Zuhair Gharbaoui 2009."

    And it consists of "intelligence from several departments, notably the Department of operations, which includes rooms Kallojstaat group, and planning, the military and military operations, communications, and Reserve, and other rooms run by senior officers, and supervises all operations manager rooms" .anthy

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