The quadruple Alliance intelligence activity begins in Iraq at an accelerated pace. And its non-bounces

Parliamentary parties confirms start of the room created by the quadripartite Alliance intelligence in Baghdad, a week after the disclosure.

Parliamentary parties stress that the pace of operational intelligence cooperation between the parties to the quadripartite Alliance started with accelerometer, likely evolved into "another form" in the future.

In the meantime Parliament revealed the Government's endeavours to use Russian warplanes for strikes against Iraq, daash but emphasizes unanimity to reject the presence of foreign ground troops, whether Russian or American.
Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, confirmed last week that the operations room set up recently between Iraq and Russia and Iran and Syria "have not yet begun the real work yet", denying his intention of bringing foreign ground forces on Iraqi soil.
Moscow has repeatedly expressed its willingness to assist Iraq in the face of organized daash, a condition formally request from the Iraqi Government.

A government source had earlier, on Wednesday, an Iraqi delegation led by national security adviser and Chairman of the popular crowd in the Russian capital Moscow now to discuss areas of mutual cooperation.
He said in an interview with the source (range), that "there is an Iraqi delegation in Russia currently includes national security advisor and Chief Faleh Al-Fayad and folk crowd, a number of officials, to discuss joint cooperation".
The source said on condition of anonymity, that "the delegation will discuss the possibility of launching air attacks against Russia (daash)".
Mp Abbas Al-Bayati says, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in a statement to (range), the "quadripartite cooperation between Russia and Iraq, Iran and Syria is an alliance between the ministries of defence of the States through the presidencies with a staff intelligence officer, one for each State, linking these ministries".
Al-Bayati said that "this Alliance is not directed against a State and does not compete with other alliances but that intelligence cooperation and natural pace through the exchange of information between them," pointing out that "this Alliance entered into force between Member States".
He said a member of the Foreign Relations Committee that "quadripartite Coalition headquarters in Baghdad and other offices in Russia and Syria and Iran and the purpose of sharing intelligence", likely "experiencing future periods the evolution of this Alliance is another".
Indicates the State of law Coalition mp to "quadruple Alliance link offices are sharing intelligence long ago".

Al-Bayati denied having any information on visit, National Security Advisor and his delegation to Moscow, revealed last week.
Meanwhile, Hisham Al-Suhail Attorney asserts that "Russian experts and Iranian and Syrian arrived in Baghdad and started working in the exchange of information on movements of daash".
He said Al-Suhail, (range), that "the Government approval on a quadruple Alliance in Baghdad to exchange information about movements in Iraq and Syria daash", but stressed that "Iraq will not allow the presence of any military forces land on its territory, whether American or Russian".
Draws member of State of law coalition that "Iraq seeks to arrange the conditions to benefit from Russian warplanes in launching military operations against the daash", revealing that "Iraq is studying an agreement with Russia to organize military action".
Suhail stresses that "Iraq is associated with u.s. strategic Convention, which obliges us to defend Iraq in the event of exposure to external attack", adding "but Washington had shown complete flexibility, which prompted the Iraqi Government to find an alternative in military alliances and the trend toward Russia".
In the same context, emphasizes Deputy Hoda carpets "fears of flight elements from Syria, daash to Iraqi territory".
Carpet suggests, (term), "let the Russian Aviation struck sites in Iraq". 8%B1%D9%8A-%D9%81%D9%8A-%D8%A7