Iraq announces the names of the dead al-Baghdadi, including a parade, "Shaibani"

Twilight News / Iraq announced Monday the names of Daash leaders who have been targeted in an Iraqi air strike in Karabilah Anbar province yesterday.

The Hawks cell in a statement responded to Twilight News that further to a statement cell hawks intelligence of the Interior Ministry, which was issued on Sunday and private targeting the criminal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and a group of leaders Daash terrorist in Karabilah area by Hawks Air Force parade was found that the process of targeting that killed all From:

1. Abu Azzam Iraq: Special Committee in charge of security in Iraq and the Levant.
2. Abu Marwa Al-Ansari: military leader.
3. Haji Abu Ammar: one-Baghdadi / military side advisers.
4. Abu Saad al-Anbari: the commander of the so-called Islamic / State Police Euphrates.
5. Walid Ahmed Saleh Karbouli (Abu Hussein): Responsible for the security boycotted Karabilah.
6. Abu Abdullah Saudi: a leading role in organizing Daash, which was presented two weeks ago by order of the tenderness of the terrorist al-Baghdadi.
7. Abu Lebanon Jazrawi: a Saudi national, is responsible for Arab terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
8. Abu Qatada al-Shaibani: Syrian nationality, media official in the state of the Euphrates.
9. Abu Ahmed al-Shami a Syrian military official to Deir ez-Zor.
10. The killing of large numbers of al-Baghdadi bodyguards.