The Central bond sales period extended for the benefit of the financial
12/10/2015 11:30

The CBI said, extending the sale in nominal bonds, delivery term in USD.

The Bank noted in a statement on Monday that it has extended the sale in nominal bonds, delivery term USD carrier on behalf of the Ministry of finance to be until 31 December 2015, by the deadlines set 1000-5000-50,000-100,000 dollars and a duration of a year and a half of any benefit payable on 31 March 2017, total amount of 2 billion dollars

He said these bonds are sold by the Central Bank of Iraq in Iraqi dinar price 1095 dinars per us dollar (one thousand ninety-five) dollar and payment be crushed by the Iraqi Finance Ministry on 31 December 2017 and pay in u.s. dollars at maturity.

He said that all banks offer purchase orders to the Bank the amount credited to our account religion, whether bond or Bank on behalf of the public (persons nominal and legal) who have a current account in the Bank and submit the order to the Bank to the Bank with his Parry to buy those bonds to its customers through the purchase form submitted to the Central Bank, pointing out that he could use those bonds as collateral for loans to attend or facilities or any transactions that require collateral.
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