Abadi: will be offered a new law on oil and gas if the government delayed in sending the copy has

Baghdad and babysit -said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Zaher al-Abadi, said his committee will present a draft oil and gas law after he completed all legal and operational details. Abadi in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Sunday, he stressed that "the committee will submit a new proposal for the oil and gas law, if the government delayed in sending a copy of law in place to have before the end of the second legislative term, pointing out that the proposal of this law will be After the completion of all legal and operational details of its usefulness to prevail in all the provinces, "noting that" the purpose of the legislation is to solve all the problems related to the oil and gas law. "
Abadi said that "this proposal will be presented to Parliament after accomplished once and for all to be voted on and enacted," adding that "this law of important laws that concern everyone's interest and legislation needs to be quite some time"