A number of laws, decrees and regulations ,The issuance of new issues of Iraqi Gazette digit (4380, 4381)

A number of laws, decrees and regulations, Issued issues (4380, 4381) Gazette, which contained a number of laws, decrees, regulations, instructions and data, approved by the House of representatives and approved by the Presidency. The Director General of Iraqi realities (Mohannad Al-itabi): highlights of the number (4380) instructions (3) for 2015 and included the first amendment to help facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the Nationality Act, and include law No. (31) of 2015, which launched to keep public money and reconsider the provisions relating to the incorporation of negligence or omissions causing harm and how to bring it back. Mr. Director: that guarantee ads founding associations, and a number of statements, including the statement of the Court in Wasit governorate (courthouse in Basra), adding the number of decisions issued in this issue, including resolution of the health insurance fund in the Ministry of higher education and scientific research. Mr. Director.

The most important of the count (2,672) contained in the Passports Act No. 32 of 2015, and the law on ratification of the Convention on loan for power station rehabilitation project between Iraq and Japan alharthh No. 34 for the year 2015, adding that the number included a set of data from a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice to incorporate Kirkuk notaries Chambers I and II. He said Mr. Director: that issue also included a statement from the Ministry of finance and a statement correcting the planning Ministry, in addition to the rules of procedure of the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of municipalities and public works (1) for the year 2015.