Agricultural Bank announced the launch of loans during the current week, the adoption of "electronic loan"

Alsumaria News / Baghdad Announced the Agricultural Bank, Sunday, announced the launch of loans to citizens during the current week, indicating that the bank will be adopted for the first time on the "electronic loan" mechanism in the granting of loans to citizens. He said the bank director Mohammad Hadi in an interview with the program "of 10 of 11," which aired "Alsumaria TV", "The bank granted loans to citizens will begin after the central bank governor to sign a contract signed by the Minister of Finance on the loan," noting that "this week will be the granting of loans to applicants on them."

He said Hadi, that "the Agricultural Bank will be adopted for the first time electronic loan mechanism through the site bank online, as should a citizen who serves on the loan that will fill the form in," stressing that "the bank payout loan to citizens during a period not exceeding two weeks." He continued Hadi, that "the amount of the loan depends on the powers the bank, as the Director-General of his powers to approve the exchange of about 500 million dinars, and that the Board of Directors of his powers to approve the amount of 500 million dinars to three billion dinars," noting that "the Committee The problem High of powers to ratify the amount of three billion dinars to 20 billion dinars. "The Central Bank of Iraq, announced earlier, about to begin launching the largest funding for programs in Iraq, the lending process, noting that it concerns the financing of industrial, agricultural and housing sectors also supports projects small, medium and revitalize the Iraqi economy.