As of October 18 the application of new labor regulations to amend Article 38

​"Work": 38 modified material in a new work system enters into force early next Muharram RIYADH direct: The Ministry of Labour, the start of the application of the new work system, as of the day (Sunday) 5 Muharram of the new year, corresponding to October 18, 2015, after approval by the Council of Ministers on the system adjustments in the history of March 23 2015. The work included new amended regulations, the article 38, mimicked the implications and ramifications of the labor market system, where varied between materials related to training, rehabilitation and resettlement and other privileges, and materials associated with the employment contract, as well as materials related to women's work and mechanisms for inspection. With respect to materials for entry into force of amendments and Asttinaath, the Ministry of Labor he explained, they came abreast of the labor market, and gave him more flexibility in dealing with some categories for the achievement of public interest, and that the new amended Labour system, to ensure the protection of the rights of workers in the private sector, and contribute to reducing irregularities that result in loss of worker rights and established alike.
And it provided the organization materials Rules of Procedure, that keeping worker rights and the employer ensures the continuation of the relationship between the worker and the facility, including the benefit of all, also included the development of the work environment destruction defined, as the ministry is committed to the application of the system through better organization models work environments developed and based on the study international practices in this area.

While it took the implications associated with resettlement material, seriously established in the recruitment of sons and daughters of the homeland in the private sector, an important criterion in granting the facilities required by, and for the Ministry of stimulating work according to the regulations of resettlement owners, and has the right not to renew the license in case of violation.

And gave the Ministry of Labour, materials related to training and rehabilitation of great importance as an investment in human capital, and that the system was a catalyst for enterprises to social responsibility towards the sons and daughters of the nation, in terms of stimulating the employee / intern on hard work, as guaranteed training materials preserve the rights established the contractual relationship and motivate owners to rehabilitation and training.

He confirmed one of the paragraphs relating to materials employment contract, to save the worker's rights and the owner of the facility, while the amendments came in this article to protect the worker by enabling him to get the incentives help him in the search for a job at the end of the contractual relationship with the treaty for any reason, as stated one of the paragraphs amended article on the principle of occupational safety and its importance as a key element in the organization and development of the work environment.

And mimicked articles on women's work, her privacy by providing a safe and stable working environment, as one of the paragraphs of its work was banned in occupations dangerous or harmful acts, while the Ministry of Labour in mind these new amendments to the multiplicity of cultures and religions for workers and workers in the Kingdom, through the granting of rights Women's Muslim and non-Muslim to leave the situation and pregnancy and the death of the husband.

And it included paragraphs of articles on the inspection, raising the size of the penalties to deter violators and strengthen controlling the labor market instruments, while one of the paragraphs asserted that there is only a limited role of labor inspectors to the rhythm of the sentence, but beyond that to provide information and guidance to the parties to the production process, with an emphasis on transparency in the right client The Ministry of Labour grievan