Oil appoints new director of the North Oil Company

Twilight News / appointed oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi as the new Director General of the North Oil Company by proxy, with a grant full powers. According to the book issued by the ministry, "Based on the work requirements in the North Oil Company decided to request the President of the older engineers unique Jader honest Jader the functions of director of the company and the agency is granted all the powers granted to the Director General of authenticity that executes the command starting from the date of issuance." Northern Oil and witnessed during the past few months in which the assassination of prominent engineers, and the Oil Ministry, decided to mid-August, the assignment of the company's director Samir al-Tai to retire. And it holds the North Oil, overseeing the fields within the boundaries of the province of Kirkuk and its production rates of up to about 350 000 barrels per day.