Iraq participates in a round table meeting of the countries of the Middle East and North Evriviaopmcharkh member states of the UN Security Council and the EU

​Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari took part in the tenth of October 2015, At an international meeting in Lima, in the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank Group President Mr. Jim Kim on the humanitarian and financial crises in the Middle East and North African countries. During the meeting, they discussed a new strategy of the World Bank initiative and the participation of the Islamic Development Bank, the social and economic integration of the peoples of the region's peace and stability. The meeting proposed a two-track to implement the strategy through the creation of mechanisms required financial funding to assist affected by violence, wars, migration and humanitarian internally and externally countries, with the support reconstruction efforts through the mechanism of issuing bonds (instruments) to increase the funding and strengthening of countries hosting large numbers of refugees and internally displaced persons to absorb the effects economic, social and by providing financing facilities to them.
Mr. Finance Minister spoke at the International Meeting and expressed Iraq's position on the tragic developments in this country as a result of the spread of the phenomenon of terrorism and militancy, intervention and lack of good governance and stalled development plans, and student attendance naming names, their names and the search for a genuine political solutions to address the humanitarian and development crisis.
He said Iraq plans to adapt and address the humanitarian crisis and created the Reconstruction Fund liberated areas of Daash and the cost of supporting countries of the Fund as well as the participation and effective response to the World Bank in the project.
Wade Iraq statement issued by the meeting of the proposed strategy because it Stsaaadat including Iraq, if implemented, according to objective and fair mechanisms and met with the Minister of Finance the Secretary-General of the United Nations and conducted a series of side meetings with the delegations participating in the meeting.