Deputy: on the government to move away from external borrowing and the advancement of the economy internally
: 2015/10/11
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the mass of Salem Amuslimawi Sunday on the importance of promoting agriculture and industry sectors, and stay away from external borrowing, which holds the country's financial consequences later.
He said Amuslimawi told {Euphrates News} "The previous government sought to external borrowing and the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council position, was against borrowing and projects payment on credit for being a burden on Iraq benefits and effects of financial, noting that" the Supreme Council accused in that period Barqlt government work at that time, but we know that borrowing result in significant benefits so it was a rejection attitude in him.
"felt the need to rely on industry, agriculture and continue to work austerity budget depends lack of spending, noting that" borrowing a case of suicide and may affect the future generations. "
He stressed the need to adopt a state alternatives for the advancement of economic reality through attention to industry and agriculture, and stay away from rentier economy and reliance on just oil.
"It is said that the religious authority governance has confirmed yesterday that " borrowing will saddle the state budget larger than it is, and it's bear very high benefits. "
For its part, confirmed to the parliamentary Finance Committee, he said that "the country will go to the internal and external borrowing to fill the shortage of budget what ails financial shortfall due to lower international oil prices," stressing the need to activate all the pieces in the country. And ended