Basra: the opening of modern schools and promises of opening 23 others in the Shatt al-Arab district

Sunday 11 October 2015
-6:03 pm

The local Government of Basra today opened two schools in the Shatt al-Arab district with modern specifications and equipped with furniture 24 rows each.

The Governor of Basra, said in a statement to radio Marbad they they will inaugurate next week 23 school high specifications with three floors, noting that Basra over the past two years have seen the opening of 200 schools to contribute to reducing the pressure on school buildings in the province.

He added that the local Government of Basra seeking to renew contracts with 2,000 jobs to teaching staff this year from conservative funds.

For his part, makam-based detection of the Shatt al-Arab Haidar tastes need to provide teaching cadres for some schools that perhaps this year is not ready to receive students.

The number of school buildings in the Shatt al-Arab district 67 building operated by 102 school labad including mixed and others a triple time. date%3D11102015%26id%3Db7c6a2e8-678c-4d75-9ae2-bd0b6f076675