National coalition calls for the Kurds to self-restraint to contain the crisis protests 10/11

BAGHDAD / .. Chairman of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi called on Sunday, the Kurds, to show restraint to contain the crisis and prevent its continuation or expansion.
A statement by his office Talga "Eye Iraq News," a copy of it, Allawi said he was "deeply concerned're watching closely what is happening in Iraqi Kurdistan, and remind dear brothers leaders and cadres in the Kurdish parties and movements, our joint action, as well as with other political forces for decades of years to achieve justice and stability to our people of all factions. "
He added that "we do not continue to see that the stability of the Kurdistan we hold dear is very important as is the whole of Iraq, this requires of total maximum restraint and adopt dialogue immediately and the preservation of the country and the gains, noting that" Iraq is passing through the entire Allan in a difficult phase and a complex and critical, which requires on-Kurd brotherhood exert maximum efforts to contain the crisis and prevent its continuation or expansion.

He said Allawi "We also announce our readiness for full every effort in this direction and with the various parties in Kurdistan, just as we put our efforts in the nineties of the last century, when the strained positions there."

He noted that "the biggest danger of terrorism and the security chaos and who makes all the ways to stretch today requires the unification of attitudes and efforts, and on this occasion we call power in Baghdad to do everything in its power to avoid any escalation in attitudes, and the unification showdown against Daash and al-Qaida factions criminal, asking God Almighty and the bulk of payment and greatness. "