Weights to send 6102 budget next week


Deficit is estimated at 92 trillion dinars

predicted economic adviser to Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh send 2016 budget to the House of Representatives next week after discussion at the Cabinet meeting, and among the deficit which amounted to 29 trillion dinars, denied the virgin other other about the government's inability the pay and benefits the salaries of its employees. ​
Saleh said in his speech for the «morning»: The government's package of measures and measures to confront the deficit taken in the budget of next year 2016, amounting to 29 trillion dinars, criticizing some of the statements issued by non-specialists in an attempt to stir and concern fears citizens on next year's budget deficit, and the threat not to the government's ability to pay its employees.

He assured the Prime Minister adviser everyone by saying that «the current year budget in 2015 and up to the month of August the past has not acted allocations only 35 percent, and possibly up Srvyatea to 50 percent with the end of the year, as a result Policy limbering and reductions that have been adopted by the government ».

He added that «the Ministry of Finance began to implement all decisions launched by the Council of Ministers within the reform package and reduce government spending, which contributed to the provision of 700 billion dinars, it has also been directed ministries to stop many projects manner that is consistent with the financial situation of the country and a sudden drop in world oil sale prices ».

According to the prime minister and economic adviser that« next year's budget was built on the continuity of the reduction mechanism », noting that there are measures and loans operate by the government would default budget deficit coverage, stressing that he« will not There will be a cash crisis as alleged by some. » And on the oil agreement between the center and the region last and increase its exports, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, to take it higher oil exports from the Kurdistan region will contribute to defeat «Daash» by increasing the federal government's money, and therefore the ability to armament and the payment of the fighters on the battlefield.

He stressed the importance of step, which will be channeled to the federal government and the provincial government together interest, in light of the challenges and difficult circumstances faced by the country.

He continued by saying, that «the high-oil exports from the region gives more indication of the confidence between the Governments of center and the region, that the agreement oil-based and that any dispute about it will be dealt with through dialogue and negotiation table as the best solution for both parties. »