Keywords: to reveal past government «You senior officials»


Formation {Council anti-corruption accounting thieves of public money}

new Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Mahdi Keywords, the government's determination to proceed with the implementation of the reforms launched in response to the demands of reference and demonstrators packages, stressing that the formation of the anti-corruption, will play a vital role in Accounting thieves of public money and the pursuit of squandered the country's wealth. ​
Keywords and said in an interview with »Sabah»: The «continues to fight against corruption and the implementation of reforms packages and prosecute thieves of public money the government» saying «begin to form-fighting Corruption Council in order to prosecute those who wasted the people's money» pointing that «the fight against corruption does not matter less than the fight against Daash».

and on the activation of anti-corruption measures, said Director of the Prime Minister's Office, he said that it represents one of the axes of paper reform announced by the government two months ago in response to calls and reference demands of the demonstrators, pointing to the existence of «two recommendations concerning open past and present corrupt files and activating the principle Where did you get this.

»He noted Keywords, that the government will invite specialized judges with such files, renowned for their integrity to prosecute corrupt, and set a time limit to the issues of censorship and expose corruption and the announcement of it.

He said the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, I «were ordered to form the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption, headed by the Prime Minister and the membership secretary general of the Council of Ministers and the President of the Board of Supreme Audit and Chairman of the Integrity Commission and the Council of the judiciary and there is a work program for this Council».

and between relationships, the existence of other recommendations relating to the field of anti-corruption, related to «activate the role of institutions regulatory and focus on activating the offices of inspectors general and provide benchmarks that side adapted to the size of popular and religious claims on rooting out corruption ».

He hinted Keywords, that a large part of the eradication of corruption policies, contained in the paper the government program, which extends for the years 2014-2018 indicating that« the problem in implementation of the program comes to its association with the political situation, and the fluctuations experienced by the country ».

jostling for the second Juma respectively, the voices of the religious authority, demanding the government to» beatings with an iron fist »corrupt heads, stressing the need to speed up« disclose corrupted files senior officials ».

and demanded Supreme religious authority, yesterday Friday, judicial authorities to be strong in corrupt accounting «without lubricity or favor to one», calling the political forces at the same time to «non-coverage on the corrupt Whatever their positions and their status».