Deputy calls for the Integrity Commission disclosure of the names of those involved corruption, whatever their size

The National Alliance MP Alfoada Haider, head of the Integrity Commission, to disclose the names of the figures involved in the financial and administrative corruption cases student regardless of their size.
The MP Alfoada, in a press statement, told all of Iraq [where], that "all political forces claim today follow the example of supreme religious reference in disclosure of the files of corruption and combat it, whether financially or administratively and that there are no red lines on any personal or file whatever ". He said Alfoada, that" Ttiaraslah national standing with a call reference and will not defend any personal tainted by suspicions of corruption from within the mainstream or outside. "He called" Integrity Commission and the Board of Supreme Audit and the offices of inspectors general and the judiciary to resolve the outstanding long years since the issues, "noting, "There is a great havoc in the state institutions to figures senior and the head of the Integrity Commission disclosed to the media, if it amounted to become final." The head of the Integrity Commission had announced to the media closely the announcement of the names of the involved files of financial corruption and administrative figures
in the first of the month in October head of the agency, said Hassan al-Yassiri body will announce the results described as "serious and big" about the corruption of files in the ministries of electricity, trade and Secretariat Bgdad..anthy