Dry Abadi demanding to reconsider the decision dues peasants Exchange

Twilight News / demanded that a member of the Committee on the Rights of parliamentary human MP Ashwaq dry prime minister Haider al-Abadi to reconsider his decision on entitlements peasants exchange urgently, stressing the need to adopt the principle of justice in the distribution of the amount set by the Council of Ministers and of 500 million and $ 100 billion Iraqi dinars absolute of allocations The Ministry of Finance for the disbursement of the marketing season for wheat in 2015 dues.

She said dry in a statement that "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi Office issued an urgent decision to the Ministry of Commerce on the 8th of this month, regardless dues peasants of all of Iraq's provinces by precedence in marketing, but the decision has not been applied fairly, as the adoption of the principle of precedence in the marketing year this just means the distribution of benefits to the peasants of the center and south who handed over their crops in the (16 April 2015) and deprive the peasants of the province of Kurdistan, who handed over their crops in the month of June of the same year."

She noted that in case of applying the principle of precedence fairness it must be public dues Exchange 2014 and Aigtsraly this year, because it would deprive farmers in the province of the receipt of their dues according to the season Marketing set by the government for them if the resolution was confined precedence over exchange dues for 2015, which will include the central governorates South without the province of Kurdistan."

She pointed to "the need to adopt the principle of justice in the distribution of benefits in light of the drop in oil prices and the government's efforts to find alternatives to budget support, as pointed out that the government support peasants and farmers to promote this sector instead of entitlements exchange delay for two consecutive years, which affects the amount the farmer to continue to crop production with government support outages and neglecting the issue of dues to the state exchange. "