Moves to put the finishing touches to the opening of Dhi Qar Oil Company

Twilight News / met with a delegation from the local government in the province of Dhi Qar, headed by Council President Hamid Gazan and purses Yahia Nasseri and his deputy and a number of members of the Council, Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in Baghdad to put the finishing touches to the opening of Dhi Qar Oil Company, and the completion of the investment license for Dhi Qar refinery, as well as for holding an investment conference.

The President of the Council said in a statement Gazan Hamid responded to Twilight News that "the meeting was complemented by the previous meetings regarding the opening of the oil company, Dhi Qar and the completion of the investment license for Dhi Qar refinery, and other things related to the problems and constraints specific to the oil sector."

"It has been agreed with the minister to visit the province in the coming days, and the formation of a joint committee between the local government and the ministry to resolve the problems and obstacles in the oil sector, as also was agreed to hold an investment conference in the province, the minister in his support will contribute and make it a success to bring venture capitalists and investors to the province being safe, stable and fertile ground for investment. "

He pointed out that the minister expressed his cooperation and willingness to cooperate with the local government.

For his part, Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said the meeting discussed a number of issues concerning in particular the establishment of Dhi Qar Oil Company which will open soon the province, as well as major projects.

He said that his ministry and big ambitions joint committee to work with the local government, indicating that we are involved because we believe these trends usefulness and importance despite the difficult conditions experienced by Iraq, but we'll get to positive results through the orientation of the investment.

He continued, "We put forward during the meeting, a draft of Dhi Qar province economically and safe investment."

He revealed Abdul-Mahdi, a close hold an expanded investment conference in the province.

This meeting was attended by First Deputy Governor of the fair Aldechala and chairman of the oil and gas Atia Yahya Almusharfawi and Chairman of the Technical Committee and Rioch Hassan and President of the Agricultural Committee Rajah Disqualified, as well as council member Saad al-Badri.