Allawi of the parliamentary defense: Sozodkm information on Gulf armor to Iraq

Baghdad scales News
The President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Friday, its readiness to cooperate with the security and defense committee in Parliament and provide them with information on the issue of armored vehicles that arrived from one of the Gulf states was received by the Ministry of Defence.
He said Allawi's office said in a statement received / scales News / copy it, that "at the time, Iyad Allawi, he expresses his thanks and appreciation to Vice Hoshyar Abdullah a member of the security and defense committee in the House of Representatives distinguished demonstration statement regarding Mansp to him by the previous statements." He said the office, "We would like to emphasize that Allawi was not your respect for the Hoshyar Abdullah personally, and estimated the important role and the sincere efforts of the security and defense committee, chairman and members, and show full readiness to cooperate with them and provide them with the information and data necessary certificate to see the reality armor 76 in the previous Aydahna". "He revealed Vice President of the Republic article by Iyad Allawi, on Friday, for the disappearance of dozens of armored vehicles donated by the Gulf state of Iraq to support its efforts in the fight al Daash terrorist, noting that it is a request from the Gulf state, which refused to call it, supplying Iraq with weapons to confront the organization." .