Najafi review with former US ambassadors political and security situation

(Independent) .. accept Prime Muttahidoon Osama Najafi upon receiving, on Friday night, former Ambassador to the United States of America, James Jeffrey, and former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford in the political and security situation. A statement of the Alliance are united that the aim of the meeting was to stand to see Najafi and his assessment of the situation and presented to the American people through the strategic studies and means of media centers .. Najafi addressed the situation in Iraq and the region, and the war against terrorism and developments in the confrontation with the terrorist organization Daash, to achieve the ongoing reforms and steps, and national reconciliation, as well as the Russian intervention, the Iranian role .. Through extensive discussion to find out the understanding of the strategic vision is available on the ambassadors expressed their confidence views Najafi and its importance to get out of the plight of the Iraq .. Najafi and pointed to the issue of the delay in the political process, stressing that the war against terrorism need to be political stability and national reconciliation, and to achieve the guarantor of balance for the conduct of reconciliation .. On the other hand, he stressed that the coalition against forming any new alliances with any other countries or Russia because it would increase the intensity of the conflict and pushed in directions that could lead to war victims are Iraqi and Syrian peoples. The meeting also dealt with a variety of political, security and economic issues .. (end)